Hot Selling Office Building Speed Gate Turnstile for Indoor Usage

Features: 1.5mm imported 304 Stainless steel + 10mm Acrylic with Led light bar

OEM & ODM: Support

Deliverability: 3,000 units/month

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Model NO. B3082
Size 1500x150x980mm
Material Imported SUS304 1.5mm Housing + 10mm Acrylic side panels with RGB Led light bar
Pass Width 600-900mm
Pass Rate 35-50 persons/minute
Operating Time 0.2S
Input 100-240V, 50/60HZ
Working Voltage 24V
Communication Interface RS485, Dry Contact
Motor Servo brushless motor + Clutch
Turnstile Control Board Servo brushless Speed gate drive board
Infrared Sensor 6 pairs
MCBF 5,000,000 Cycles
Applications Commercial buldings, Airports, Hotels, Governemnt Halls,etc
Package Details Packed into wooden cases 
Single: 1585x305x1180mm, 82Kg 
Double: 1585x375x1180mm, 102Kg

Product Descriptions

B302 (9)

Brief introduction

·1500mm length elegent design housing, can be used for various sites

·1.5mm Imported 304 Stainless Steel No. 4 polish

·10mm Acrylic side panels with Led light bar

·Standard Speed gate Machine Core

·Famous brand Brushless servo Motor

·Famous brand Brushless servo Turnstile drive PCB board

·6 pairs high safety Infrared Sensors

·Easy to be Customized

·Can satisfy with 80% customer’s requirements

Applications: Mainly used for Commercial buldings, Airports, Hotels, Governement Halls, Banks, Clubs, etc


1. Arrow + three-color light interface

2. Double anti-pinch function

3. Memory mode

4. Multiple transmit modes

5. Sound and light alarm

6. Dry contact/RS485 opening

7. Support fire signal access

8. LCD display

9. Support secondary development

10. With waterproof casing, can also protect PCB board well

B302 (6)

Product Descriptions

3082 (4)

High level quality servo brushless motor

·Famous brand Domestic DC brushless motor

·With clutch, support anti-impact function ·Support fire signal interface

·Automatically open the turnstile gate when powered off

High level quality Standard Speed gate Machine Core

·Much more flexible, can match with different motors

·Can slove the limited small space problem

·Anodizing process, easy to customize beautiful bright color, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant

·Automatic correction 304 stainless steel sheet, Effective compensation of axial deviation

·The main moving parts adopt the "double" fixed principle

3082 (5)

Product Dimensions

B302 (7)

Project Cases

Office Building in Beijing

B302 (8)
B302 (4)

China Mobile Office Building in Guangxi Province, China

B302 (3)

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