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Turboo Universe Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, which specializes in turnstile gates since 2006. It is TOP 3 manufacturer of automatic barrier turnstile gates in China.

We have our own factory 20000 square meters in Shenzhen city, nearly 500 square meters laboratory, 400 square meters showroom. We have more than 250 employees, including 50+ staff in R & D department. There are more 150+ patents on technical & design. It ensures Turboo to provide high quality turnstile barrier gates and good maintain service.

Specialist Knowledge & skills are brought to TURBOO by each member of the team, which enables TURBOO to manufacture and offer wide range of excellent gate automation from tri-pod turnstile, flap barrier gate, swing barrier gate, full-height turnstiles, road blocker all kinds of auto gates etc electronic security solutions and OEM/ ODM solution.

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TURBOO Universe has always been committed to the research and development and innovation of new product and the relentless pursuit of the quality of traditional products. In October 2016, the company separately set up Turboo Universe Technology Co., Ltd research and development center, with office area being more than 1500 square and the existing research and development and other related personnel being more than 50 people, at the same time, we have laboratories, test rooms and professional quality centers.

Applying new technologies and new ways to lead the development of the industry, optimizing standard products through research and development, thus we make the products has the highest price in the peer. Besides, we continue to launch new product of line channel gate segments market, establishing technical barriers, and conform to the trend of big data, master large data of sidewalk. The strong strength of research and development makes Turboo has the ability of customers rapid customization, and more uniform and stable product mold standardization, far more than their counterparts in about 5000000 times and more better security.We have won nearly a hundred patents, with the European Union CE certification; 2015 Turboo won the national title of high-tech enterprises.