Face Recognition Automated Boarding Gates with Servo Brushless System

Functions: Double anti-pinch function, Zero self-check, Automatic reset, Anti-tailgating

Features: Servo brushless face recognition boarding gate with Multiple verification

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Turboo turnstile manufacturer factory building in Shenzhen

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Our turnstiles and gates are designed to enhance security and optimize manpower at your entrance points. These systems will provide you with efficient and elegant control of individual access to your premises. They are straightforward to install, easy to understand and simple to maintain. "TURBOO" products find a wide application in industrial enterprises, office building, government agency, living community, shopping mall, unmanned shop, museums, security installations, prisons, airports, railways, bus station, BRT, seaports, exhibition centers, fitness, scenic spots, campus, stadium, amusement park, hospital, construction sites, factories and other fields.

Product Descriptions

M367 .7851

Brief introduction

The full automatic servo swing gate is a kind of two way speed access control equipment designed for places with high class security requirements. It is easy to integrate with IC access control, ID access control, code reader, fingerprint, face recognition and other identification devices. It realizes the intelligent and efficient management of passage.

Elegent speed gate with white and blue powder coating and Special customized RGB colorful lights, mainly used for airport, customs, border inspection channel, high speed railway station and etc.

·Varied pass mode can be chosen flexibly.

·Standard signal input port, can be connected with most of the access control board, fingerprint device and scanner other equipment.

·The turnstile has automatic reset function, if people swipe the authorized card, but don’t pass through within the settled time, it need to swipe card again for entry.

·Card-reading recording function: single-directional or bi-directional access can be set by the users.

·Automatic opening after emergency fire signal input.

·Physical and infrared double anti pinch technology.

·Anti-tailgating control technology.

·Automatic detection, diagnosis and alarm, sound and light alarm, including trespassing alarm, anti-pinch alarm and anti-tailgating alarm.

·High light LED indicator, displaying passing status.

·Self diagnostic and alarm function for convenient maintenance and use.

·The speed gate will open automatically when power failure.

M367 .7852
M367 .7854

Main Features

·Durability: Cold plate + 304# stainless steel, anti-rust, high temperature resistance, bright color

·Appearance: Adopt concise, futuristic customized technology design

·Stability: Driven by servo brushless motor, fast, stable and accurate

·High safety: 14 pairs of safety detection devices, equidistant and reasonable layout

·High security: Trailing distance ≤200mm

·Scalable: Support RS485 communication

Servo Brushless Speed Gate

Servo Brushless Speed Gate Machine Core / Servo Brushless Main Board


Product Descriptions

Special customized Speed gate Machine Core

·Much more flexible, can match with different motors

·Can slove the limited small space problem

·Anodizing process, easy to customize beautiful bright color, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant

·Automatic correction 304 stainless steel sheet, Effective compensation of axial deviation

·The main moving parts use the "double" fixed principle

·High demand / High quality / High stability

High quality DC servo brushless motor

High level quality servo brushless motor

·Famous brand Domestic DC servo brushless motor

·With DIA 80mm clutch, support anti-impact function

·Support fire signal interface

Different types of High Security Motors for Speed gate

Servo control system

Fully closed loop algorithm/precise control/stop, start

3686 (1)

Brushless Motor: 

High efficiency, the motor itself has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss

Electrical energy into mechanical energy

More than 96%, running sound is about 50db, comprehensive life

Life is more than twice brushed

3686 (3)

RGB color-changing light guides the passage, Infrared anti-pinch/current anti-pinch, Anti-shock function, Automatic reset, Memory mode, 13 traffic modes, Audible alarm, Dry contact opening/RS485, Support fire signal access, Secondary development, Chinese and English display / more than 80 subdivision menus

3686 (4)

Anti-shock function:

PID position + speed loop + current control closed-loop collision system-when illegal intrusion, the motor realizes the reverse force Clutch lock control to prevent pedestrians from illegally breaking the brakes

Servo brushless Speed gate drive board

1. Arrow + three-color light interface

2. Double anti-pinch function

3. Memory mode

4. Support 13 traffic modes

5. Sound and light alarm

6. Dry contact / RS485 opening

7. Support fire signal access

8. LCD display 9. Support secondary development

10. With waterproof casing, can also protect PCB board well

3687 (2)

Product Dimensions

3687 (3)

Product Parameters

Model NO. M3687
Size 1700x200x1035mm
Main Material 2.0mm cold roller steel with US powder coating + 10mm transparent acrylic barrier panels
Pass Width 600mm
Pass Rate 35-50 person/min
Working Voltage DC 24V
Power AC100V~240V
Communication Interface RS485, Dry contact
Machine Core Speed Gate Machine Core
Turnstile Drive Board Servo Brushless Swing Gate PCB board
Motor 40:1 100W Servo Brushless motor
Infrared Sensor 14 pairs
Rated Power 140W
Environment Temperature -20℃~60℃
Applications Airport, Customs, Border inspection channel, High speed railway station and etc
Package Details Packed into wooden cases, 1810x310x1275mm, 100kg

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