DZ901 Product Details

Automatic Barrier Gate Security Boom Gate Barrier Access Barrier for parking lot which can 3mins Change directions

The parking gate barrier is a safe solution to stop unauthorized vehicle from accessing. They are widely used at parking lot, traffic or toll system. Users can control the parking gate barrier with remote controller or manual button, which is very convenient.

Fine spray paint, delicate texture

Using thickened steel rolling plate, multiple painting process, the surface is delicate and smooth No paint or color fading, longer service life

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Powerful smart core Algorithmic control one step faster Dual-way control lift/close speed Multiple anti-smashing functions (support) Light sense control light (support) Exception automatic reporting

DC brushless powerful motor

The brushless motor adopts a new type of copper machine core, which has strong power, stable operation, free adjustment of take-off and landing speed, rebound when encountering obstacles, and ground sense and radar.

Steady ups and downs, multiple control modes

The speed curve of barrier gate machine is in a positive distribution, that is slow start, fast middle, slow position, 1.5s fast pole lift, and small boom barrier gate shake.

Multiple Detection, Strength Anti-smashing

Expandable infrared radiation and ground sensing detection Pressure wave detection, Bluetooth radar, etc. Effectively ensure the safe passage of vehicles

Change directions need 3 minutes 3 steps ONLY

Intelligent parking barrier DZ901, 3 minutes to change the direction of the barrier, No need to replace any accessories (passage width is less than 4 meters).


Beautiful Design / Quality Assurance / Durability

Model no.: DZ901

Input voltage: AC 220V±10%,50HZ

Operating temperature: -30~+80℃

Remote control range/frequency ≤30m/430mHz

Input signal: Switch Signal

Single motor power: 100W

Controller input voltage: DC24V

Controller power: 5W

Lifting speed: 0.8s/1.0s/1.8s/3.8s

Relative humidity ≤90%

Chassis color: Blue

Features & Benefits

Car Entrance Access Control Stable Performance Automatic Parking Barrier Boom Gate with Remote Control

Safety first: In the fire or power-off, the door can be free to open and ensure unimpeded.

Various Lifting speed: 0.8s/1.0s/1.8s/3.8s, which it is convenient to control Lifting time, and provides Flexible operation scenarios.

Multiple control modes: There are unidirectional, bidirectional, free passage and authorization passage to meet fully the users’ needs.

Precise positioning: precise positioning work cycle of barrier gate is regular and precise positioning to ensure correct position after long work.

Machine core control: machine core work with coordination and synchroniztion, and the control system provide convenient management functions. the passage controller can control the machine core of all functions and settings of all parameters, which is reasonable for consisting of the various components of the machine core operation flow, and which is more intelligent and safety to design a access control function.

Product Descriptions

Automatic License Plate Recognition System

Model no.: CP902

Two-row LED display

Voice announcement (customizable content)

Cloud seat: remote switch, remote video capture

Support WeChat, Alipay and other third-party electronic payment

License plate recognition camera with integrated design, universal joint adjustment and installation

Ultra clear, ultra wide angle camera, good night vision effect, recognition rate up to 99.9%

Multiple choices of client and cloud background software

Product Dimensions

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Product Descriptions

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Powerful functions to relieve your worries

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No need to arrive at the scene, use mobile phones or computers to monitor in real time anytime and anywhere Vehicle data, toll flow, regulation management, etc

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It can identify military, blue and green license plates

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Accessories list

Ground Coil

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Length: 50m, Photocell system for safety or inductive loops

Vehicle Detector

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Straight Barrier

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Length: 3-6m

Radar Detector

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Parking System Dongle

  sredf (25)


License Plate Recognition

 sredf (26)


Wired Manual Control Button

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Post time: Feb-28-2022