Office Building

As we all know, almost every office building needs to install turnstile gates in modern cities. The access control turnstile gates are not only to manage visitors at the entrance and exit timely and effectively, but also play the role of improving the overall level of high-end and fashion. Generally, there are two types of pedestrian passing through an office building, one is internal employee, and the other is unfamiliar visitor. Internal employees usually use authorized ID cards or face recognition devices, but unfamiliar visitors need to swipe their ID cards for registration. Usually, customers will choose high-end swing gates (speed gates) or high-end flap barrier gates with visitor system devices. After the unfamiliar visitor swipes the ID card, the visitor system device will print a temporary visitor card with a barcode automatically, then he can take this temporary visitor card and enter the building through the turnstile gate. With the advent of the era of intelligent AI technology , more and more high-end office buildings have begun to use face recognition to replace IC/ID cards.