Scenic Spot & Community

As of 2021, there are 147 5A-level tourist attractions in China. There are more than 460 other types of scenic spots, such as temples, churches, amusement parks and other ticketing scenes. Turboo Universe has combined deep experiences of experience in automatic gate & turnstile manufacturing and experience in cooperating with customers in related industries to do projects, and has summarized many product features used in the scenic spots and real estate industry. Such as durability, rich functions, and integration into real scenes.

For the real estate industry, most of the turnstiles are closely related to the corresponding properties. Due to the complex types of people in communities and apartments, ranging from children of a few years old to the elderly in their 60s and 70s, the selection of turnstiles needs to be fully considered. Especially anti-pinch, anti-tailing, anti-collision, and outdoor waterproofing functions, swing gates and turnstiles are the priority types to be considered. Property managers with conditions and budgets will also consider to use with flap barrier gates with faster pass speed ( Outdoor use needs to add canopy).