Stadium & Park

Sports venues are professional places for sports training, sports competition and physical exercise. It is a general term for all kinds of sports venues specially built to meet the needs of sports training, sports competition and mass sports consumption. Sports venues include various types of stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, athletics sheds, wind and rain playgrounds, sports fields, other indoor sports clubs, gyms, gymnastics rooms and other simple fitness and entertainment venues.

The venues covered by the turnstiles include not only the sports venues mentioned as above, but also fitness centers, cinemas, convention & exhibition centers, etc. Usually users will integrate with E-ticket checking system and the required turnstile housing will be relatively wide (200mm-300mm). Because of the large flow of passengers, the speed of passage is required to be fast and the width of the passage will also be required to be wide, and the number of MCBF is required to be more than 5 million times.

The park scenes covered by the turnstile gates mainly include playgrounds, parks, zoos, botanical gardens, water parks, etc. Because the usage scenarios are similar, the user requirements are similar to the stadiums accordingly. Turboo Universe KTO series products will be your best choice.