Factory & Construction Site

With the continuous construction and development of the cities, the number of construction sites is gradually increasing. It is indeed not an easy task for managers to do a good job in the personnel management of the construction site. Usually the user environment of the construction site is relatively rough and the use time is only about three years. Generally, 3 arm turnstile and full height turnstile gate will be considered. The focus of selection is high cost performance and durability. Of course, some famous government construction sites will also consider swing gates and wing gates. They mainly assisted by the face recognition equipment of the real-name construction site intelligent management system.

The application of the factory is similar to the construction site. For electronics factory, the manager will also consider adding anti-static ESD equipment, so that visitors can fully remove static electricity from their bodies before entering the workshop. In the case of a food factory, the manager will also consider adding a three-arm turnstile integrated with disinfection and handwashing devices, which is particularly prominent during COVID-19. All in all, the existing market demand for access control turnstile gates is gradually becoming more refined, which urges us to deepen the subdivisions and make the products refined and perfect, so as to attract more high-quality and precise users in the security industry.