Time Access Control Full Automatic Tripod Turnstile

Functions: Anti following, Self diagnostic and alarm function, Emergency fire signal input, Arm drop down when powered off

Features: Arm up automatically when power on again, mainly used for E-ticket checking system site

OEM & ODM : Support

Deliverability: 1,000 units per month

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Product Parameters

Model NO. K1489
Size 1400x280x980mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Pass Width 550mm
Pass Speed ≦ 35persons/min
Work Voltage/Power DC 24V/35W
Input Voltage 100V~240V
Opening Signal Relay/Dry contact
Motor 20K 30W
Response time 0.2S
Emergency Arm drop down when powered off
Working Temperature -20℃-70℃
Humidity ≦90%, No condensation
User Environment Indoor and outdoor
Applications Exhibition Center, Scenic spot, Community, School, Amusement park and Railway station, etc
Package Details Packed into wooden cases, 1485x365x1180mm, 70kg

Product Descriptions

Time Access Control Full Automatic Tripod Turnstile (5)

Brief introduction

Full-automatic tripod turnstile is a kind of 2-way speed access control equipment designed for places with security requirements. It can be easily integrated IC card, ID card, two-dimensional code, fingerprint, face recognition and other identification equipment, can achieve the channel of intelligent, efficient management.Full-automatic tripod turnstiles are fully applicable to a high traffic flow places like school, station, airport,subway ,office building, scenic spot and other places.

Function Features

◀Varied pass mode can be chosen flexibly.

◀Standard signal input port(Relay signal input), can be connected with most of the access control board, fingerprint device and scanner and so on.

◀The turnstile has automatic reset function, if people swipe the authorized card, but don’t pass through within the settled time, it need to swipe card again for entry.

◀Card memory function can be set.

◀Arm automatically lock when in forced push without permissions, and automatic reset function.

◀Highlight LED indicator , displaying passing status.

◀When power off or emergency signal input, the arm fall down automatically.

◀Self diagnostic and alarm function for convenient maintenance and use.

Time Access Control Full Automatic Tripod Turnstile (6)

Tripod turnstile drive PCB board


1. Arrow + three-color light interface

2. Memory mode

3. Multiple traffic modes

4. Dry contact / RS485 opening

5. Support fire signal access

6. Support secondary development

famlkt (2)

Pedestrian tripod turnstile main board

·Durable Material: Aluminum alloy CNC machining, Anodizing treatment

·Anti-collision & Anti-submarine return: Built-in encoder, clutch, 360° no dead angle detect the machine core state

·Automatic tripods loading: It is driven by a DC brush motor. After power on, the motor automatically rotates to drive the turnplate to rod up without manual operation.

·Long life time: Measured 10 million times

·Disadvantages: The pass width is 550mm only, can’t be customized. It’s not easy for pedestrians with large luggage or trolleys to pass.

·Applications: tion Center, Scenic spot, Community, School, Amusement park and Railway station, etc

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Product Dimensions

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Project Cases

Installed at the sports club in Korea

e1842 (3)

Installed in a Cartoon factory in Saudi Arabia

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