How to do maintain for turnstile?

With the rapid development of intelligent technology, the application of smart turnstile gates has expanded from a small scope to more fields. We know that turnstile needs maintenance. In fact, the maintenance of turnstile gate is as same as automobiles. The application places of turnstiles are different, so the environment which they face is also different. The working environment of outdoor turnstiles will be even worse. For example, in most scenic spots, the gates will be exposed to long-term sun and rain, and the turnstiles at seaside scenic spots are vulnerable to sea sand. Or the corrosion of sea water. So do outdoor communities, construction sites and etc. With the rapidly developing market demand makes, the maintenance of turnstiles become more important. Correct maintenance not only make the life time longer, but can also guarantee the safety of users.

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The self-service gate is a combination of mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control and various reading and writing technologies. The self-service gates must be maintained timely and regularly, and they must be done as required. Many users wait until the machine is broken before thinking of the manufacturer before replacing the parts. This often leads to small losses. Let's take a look at how to maintain specific equipment.


1. External maintenance

The housing of most turnstiles are made of 304 stainless steel or acrylic material. We suggest to clean the housing 1 to 3 times per week based on the working environment. You can use a soft fabric for scrubbing, which can prevent a large amount of dust from entering the inside of the housing, which will cause the drive control board to malfunction over time.

After scrubbing, it can be polished with talcum powder. For example, turnstiles are more susceptible to be corrosive if use at the seaside. In addition to improving the stainless steel material, you can also use anti-rust oil to coat the surface of the housing. For older turnstiles, rust spots may have appeared. This situation needs to be cleared in time. To remove rust spots, you can use sandpaper and talcum powder to wipe along the lines. Finally, you can also use the same color of paint to touch up. At the same time, pay attention to avoiding the infrared sensors holes when touching up the paint.

If the turnstile gate already got rusty, please kindly clean as followings.


Cleaning and maintenance of rusty parts steps:

1. Apply rust-proof paste on the rusty place

2. Use wire cloth to descale

3. Spray 3M stainless steel cleaner after derusting

4. Clean with a cloth

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2.Internal maintenance

1. Regularly check the connection of each component, clean the transmission part first, and then add butter to play a role of lubrication, and should not add too much. If there are loose screws, tighten them to avoid damage to parts and personal injury caused by long-term operation.

2. Regularly check the connection of the cables and this job requires a certain electrician foundation.

3. Check the airtightness of each module, especially the connection of the card reader on the top cover and etc, to avoid the aging of the sealant, which will cause the water to burn out the PCB board.

4. The machine core is the heart of the whole turnstile. It must be well maintained. Check the wear and tear of the vulnerable parts. If you find something that needs to be repaired, please kindly contact the manufacturer to repair in time.

3. Matters needing attention

1. When the turnstile is closed, don't hit the gate. This will cause the gate abrasion and damage of other accessories, which will affect the service life.

2. Regularly check whether the acrylic panel of the turnstile is damaged and change it in time if it is damaged.

3. Pay attention to the limit switch and limit piece of tripod turnstile not to be adjusted casually, in case the adjustment is too far or too close to cause errors.

4. Please make sure power off when the master machine, auxiliary machine or housing is opened for maintenance.

5. It is strictly forbidden to plug or unplug the port connection socket when the power is on, it is easy to damage the control circuit.

6. After swiping the card, the turnstile gate does not open while opening. This problem is caused by a problem with the proximity switch on the non-operating side. Please check the proximity switch.

7. When pedestrian need to be evacuated in an emergency, the turnstiles should be kept open and the function switch is controlled by the computer in the main control room. This is the product training provided by each turnstile manufacturer in advance. If you are still not clear, please contact the manufacturer in time.

8. The service life of Intelligent turnstile is inseparable from its maintenance. You should contact the manufacturer for after-sales treatment in time in the daily cleaning and maintenance if you find abnormalities.

Post time: Jul-14-2019