Face Recognition Full Height Turnstile Intelligent Access Control System Swing Turnstile for School Community

Functions: RS485, Dry contact, Memory mode, Self diagnostic and alarm function, Emergency fire signal input

Features: Stainless Steel Single Direction or Bi-Direction Full Height Turnstile

OEM & ODM : Support

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Brief introduction

This is a full height turnstile with high reliability. The ingenious design of the whole machine structure makes the installation and maintenance of this product very convenient. Equipped with standard electromechanical devices to prevent two people from passing through at the same time. It runs smoothly and quietly.

The whole product rack adopts stainless steel laser cutting, CNC bending forming, beautiful appearance, and the system adopts standard quick plug-in electronic interface to the outside, can integrate various reading and writing devices, etc., can easily read ID cards, IC cards, etc. The writing device is integrated in this device, so as to provide an orderly and civilized way for people entering and exiting, and to prevent illegal people from entering and exiting. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of fire escapes, in case of emergency or power failure, it can be set to fail-safe mode. That is the shaft rotates freely and switches to the free two-way mode.

Full height turnstile series are fully applicable to places with a large flow of people and high security requirementsplaces, such as school, hospital, factory, construction site, park, prison, and other places.

It’s optional to upgrade to full automatic full height turnstile gate.

construction site turnstile
high security full height turnstile

Function Features

◀Damper buffer device

◀Standard signal input port, can be connected with most of the access control board, fingerprint device and scanner other equipment;

◀The turnstile has automatic reset function, if people swipe the authorized card, but don’t pass through within the settled time, it need to swipe card again for entry;

◀Card-reading Recording function

◀Automatic opening after emergency fire signal input

◀Anti following : prevent illegal passing

◀High light LED indicator, displaying passing status.

◀Normal open can be also controlled via external button or manual key unlock

◀Gate will automatically open when power failure (connect with 24V backup battery or supercapacitor)

Product Descriptions

turnstile drive board

Simple Full height turnstile drive board


1. Arrow + three-color light interface

2. Memory mode

3. Multiple traffic modes

4. Dry contact / RS485 opening

5. Support fire signal access

6. Support secondary development

·Molding: Die-cast aluminum, special spraying treatment

·Anti-submarine return: 6pcs gears design, unable to return after 60°rotation

·Long life time: Measured 10 million times

·Disadvantages: The pass width is 550mm only, can’t be customized. It’s not easy for pedestrians with large luggage or trolleys to pass.

·Applications: Stadium, Prison, Factory, Construction Site, Community, School, Hospital, Park, etc

turnstile machine core

Product Dimensions

G5385 (2)

Product Dimensions

G5385 (4)

Double lane full height turnstile installed at the Europe factory in Thailand

G5385 (3)

Full height gate installed at the entrance and exit of Beijing Administrative Deputy Center, China

G5385 (1)

Full high turnstile gate installed in a housing estate in Guangzhou

Product Parameters

Model NO. G5385-2
Size 2400x1500x2300mm
Material 1.5mm +1.0mm 304 stainless steel
Pass Width 650mm
Passing Speed 30-45 person/min
Working Voltage DC 24V
Input Voltage 100V~240V
Communication Interface RS485, Dry contact
Opening response time ≦0.2s
Machine core Full height turnstile Machine core
PCB Board Full height turnstile drive PCB board
Working Environment ≦90%, No condensation
User Environment Indoor and outdoor
Applications School, hospital, factory, construction site, park, housing estate, prison, stadium, government agency, etc
Package Details Packed into wooden cases, 2200x1680x1270mm/2530x1680x800mm, 360kg

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