China Supplier Access Control System Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate with Large Wide Passage Acrylic Wing Arm for School

Functions: Mechanical anti-pinch, Anti-tailgating,Emergency fire signal input, Sound and light alarm

Features: Best seller of Mechanical Swing gate, can be used for both indoor and outdoor

OEM & ODM : Support

Deliverability: 3,000 units per month

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Item China Supplier Access Control System Swing Barrier Turnstile Gate with Large Wide Passage Acrylic Wing Arm for School
Size 1400x185x1020mm
Main Material 1.5mm imported SUS304 Top cover + 1.2mm Body + 10mm transparent Acrylic barrier panels
Pass Width 600mm for normal pedestrian lane, 1100mm for handicapped lane
Pass Rate 35-50 person/min
Working Voltage DC 24V
Power AC 100~240V 50/60HZ
Communication Interface RS485
Open signal Passive signals (Relay signals, Dry contact signals)
MCBF 3,000,000 Cycles
Motor 30K 20W Brushed DC motor
Infrared Sensor 5 pairs
Working Environment ≦90%, No condensation
Applications Campus, Office buldings, Airports, Railways,Hotels, Governemnt Halls, etc
Package Details Packed into wooden cases Single: 1485x270x1220mm, 85kg 

Double: 1485x270x1220mm,105kg

Product Descriptions


 Function Features
·Varied pass mode can be chosen flexibly
·Standard signal input port, can be connected with most of the access control board, fingerprint device and scanner other equipment
·The turnstile has automatic reset function, if people swipe the authorized card, but don’t pass through within the settled time, it need to swipe card again for entry
·Card-reading Recording function: single-directional or bi-directional access can be set by the users
·Automatic opening after emergency fire signal input
·Pinch protection
·Anti-tailgating control technology
·Automatic detection, diagnosis and alarm, sound and light alarm,  including trespassing alarm, anti-pinch alarm and anti-tailgating alarm
·High light LED indicator, displaying passing status
·Self diagnostic and alarm function for convenient maintenance and use
·The Swing barrier gate will automatically open when power failure (connect 12V battery)

Applications: Campus, Office buldings, Airports, Railways, Hotels, Governemnt Halls, etc

Product Descriptions

Mechanical Swing gate PCB board

Mechanical Swing gate PCB board

1. Arrow + three-color light interface
2. Double anti-pinch function
3. Memory mode
4. Multiple traffic modes
5. Sound and light alarm
6. Dry contact / RS485 opening
7. Support fire signal access
8. LCD display
9. Support secondary development

Product Descriptions


·Molding: Die-cast aluminum one-piece molding, Special surface spray treatment
·High Efficient: High precision 1:3.5 spiral bevel gear bite transmission
·Mechanical anti-pinch: Built-in special asbestos friction sheet
·High strength: The drive wheel is made of bearing steel, Hardened surface nitriding treatment
·Long life time: Measured 5 millions times


Mould made Mechanical Swing gate Machine Core

·Made of mould, which is much more stable, unity of quality
·1400mm length design housing, can be used for most sites
·185mm width enough housing, can put large mini PC access controller inside
·Two types, can be used for both indoor and outdoor
·Mechanical Swing gate PCB board made of mould
·5 pairs high safety Infrared Sensors
·Best seller of Mechanical Swing gate, 3-5 days fast delivery
·Customization is acceptable
·Can satisfy with 80% customer’s requirements

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Project Cases

Our Swing Barrier Turnstile Gates installed in New Delhi Airport, India

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